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Michael Chu’di Ejekam Retail Development

From the Michael Chu’di Ejekam Blog: 7 Nigerian Retail Industry Facts

Michael Ejekam is an expert in Nigerian retail, investing, and commercial real estate. Presently, the growth of the retail revolution has slowed some, but it is still a very strong sector that is absolutely primed to take the country to the next level in the coming years. The Michael Chu’di Ejekam Blog has gathered seven […]

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Chu’di Ejekam

Michael Chudi Ejekam Presentation Broll Retail Round Table 2016

Michael Chudi Ejekam delivered a presentation on the Broll event titled “Retail Industry: 10 Years from Now”. Michael’s presentation focuses on Nigeria’s retail development and is aptly named “The next generation of malls in Nigeria – the same? or Adapt?”. Check this slideshare for more information.   Michael Chu'di Ejekam Presentation Broll Retail Round Table […]